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CE marking

CE marking (abbreviated FR. Conformité Européenne - European conformity) – special mark which is applied to the product, and which certifies that a product complies with the essential requirements of the directives EU, and that the product has passed the conformity assessment procedure guidelines. The CE is not a confirmation of product quality, and indicates its safety for human health and the environment.

CE Marking (CE mark) EU Directive


Regardless of country of origin all goods are sold in countries EU, as well as Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, which include so-called "new approach Directives" must be marked CE.

Confirmation of compliance can be a complex procedure because the requirements for CE Marking different depending on the Directive.

the certification Body "global Certificate" together with foreign partners will provide services for production marking by CE in accordance with the required European Directive.

the New EU Directives contain various schemes of conformity assessment. You can choose the most suitable one for Your company scheme and to follow the Directive.

we are offering the scheme to 17 European directives:

the Process of obtaining CE-marking


in Addition to the above we are certified in the following Directives:

  • the Efficiency of energy consumption 96/57/EC
  • packaging and Packaging waste 94/62/EC
  • Recreational craft 94/25/EC
  • Simple pressure vessels 87/404/EEC
  • Safety of toys 88/378/EEC


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Confirmation of conformity of products, the consumption or use of which may be dangerous for the consumer referred by the legislation of Ukraine to the legally regulated field, and is binding on the manufacturer or vendor of such products. Confirmation of conformity of products in legislatively regulated sphere is carried out by its certification. What kind of products related to legislatively regulated sphere, defined in list of products subject to mandatory certification in Ukraine. (order of the state consumer standard of Ukraine dated 01.02.2005 №28 "On approval of the list of products subject to mandatory certification in Ukraine"). However, this list covers a small range of products, and mandatory certification is carried out only in terms of security.

How to be the manufacturer or supplier, whose products are not included in the legally-regulated sphere, and which wishes to demonstrate that the product is not only safe, but also high-quality? Declaration of conformity provided for by technical regulations, and is widely used in the world, is not always warranted in Ukraine. Historically, Ukrainian consumers more confidence in the independent opinion of outside experts and government agencies. Often the cause is the dishonesty of some companies, which lead the consumer astray.

  • to enhance the attractiveness of products in the eyes of customers and winning their trust;
  • to improve the competitiveness of products and the receipt of benefits, with participation in tenders;
  • to increase the self confidence of the company - the manufacturer or supplier of the product in its quality.

Voluntary certification in the National certification system UkrSEPRO is carried out in accordance with the requirements of DSTU 3413-96, and includes the following main stages:

  • applying soprovodytelnoy documentation for produktiv the certification body;
  • analysis of submitted documentation and a decision by the certification body on request is possible and the scheme of certification;
  • survey or certification of production, or evaluation or certification of the quality management system, if required by the certification scheme;
  • selection, identification of samples and their testing;
  • the analysis of obtained results;
  • in case of positive results - the certificate of conformity and its registration in the Registry of the certification System UkrSEPRO;
  • technical supervision of certified products.

The Application form for the voluntary certification of products (Application.doc).