"Global Certific" - independent organ on a certificationgives services in the certification of the management systems, coming forward the guarantor of conforming to of the certificated systems the requirements of international and national standards. Our public accountants are confessed in international and national ситемах, maximally to satisfy our clients. A certification of the systems is an instrument, allowing to demonstrate to the consumers, suppliers, investors efficiency and functionality of Your activity and processes in accordance with the confessed procedures. Certification of the management systems - one of the necessary stages of development of modern enterprise, providing the competitiveness of products/of services on internal and external markets.
An organ on the certification of "Global Certific" is an independent service provider on confirmation of сответствия(examination, test) quality, safety, comfort of the use of technical equipment, commodities, capital goods to the national and international requirements. The certification of products is conducted in obligatory(legislatively-managed) and voluntarily spheres. Having a skilled personnel and reliable partners we will provide realization of necessary tests of your products in national and European laboratories. The confirmed quality of products is a key factor in minimization of risks for companies-producers and suppliers, and will allow to supply with Your products to the European markets and markets of countries the CIS.
Seminars, conferences, forums, round table became inalienable part of modern corporate culture, attribute of continuous development and perfection. Command LTD. "Global Certific" having long-term rich experience of realization of works in the field of estimation of accordance will give to you maximally necessary and useful information on further perfection of the systems, of процесов, personnel.